My love of vintage and antique items started long ago when I began collecting Hi-Fi Record Players and amassing more records than I would soon know what to do with.  Holding a record in my hand quickly returned me to thoughts of my childhood; marveling at the cover art, flipping open gatefolds, reading the inserts...  I was hooked. Quickly crates of vinyl were overtaking my basement and office. I was finding too many good albums to pass. And thus began my journey into re-homing vintage goods.

     Fast forward two years...  While working in my 11th year as a General Manager for a Fortune 100 company, a home remodeling contractor that I was assisting with a project told me about a client who inherited a condo filled to the brim that she needed to be cleaned out. After meeting with the client, named Anne, we scheduled a date for a week later. It was a one day clean-out. We donated all of the medical supplies and chairlift. The job did not require a dumpster due to most of the items being  donated to a non profit.

     Later that evening I knocked on Anne's door to tell her that we had finished and I would like her to do a final walk through. Anne was flabbergasted. "It's all gone, I didn't even know there was built in shelves in the basement!" she exclaimed.

     As we stood in the front yard discussing her upcoming remodel in preparation to sell the condo, Anne began to tear up. She quietly sobbed and hugged me as she thanked me again. "I wouldn't have known where to begin." she said.  At that moment I knew that I had found my calling. Although management was a great job and I worked for a good company, I had never felt fulfilled at the end of a work day. This was the first day that I did! And so began my second journey, in Reliable Estate Services!